Pacific Shoring is one of the leading manufacturers of underground and trench shoring assemblies and safety equipment.

Pacific Shoring Logo - US ShoringIn over 15 years of operation, Pacific Shoring has grown into the largest manufacturer of aluminum trench safety products in the United States. With its purchase of Xterra in 2021, Pacific Shoring added steel products to its product line adding to Pacific Shoring’s already robust product offering.

As an authorized distributor of Pacific Shoring products, U.S. Shoring & Equipment Co. can help you maximize the safety and efficiency of your construction site.

We carry a wide range of Pacific Shoring products for both sale and rent, including:

  • Steel and aluminum trench shields
  • Aluminum modular systems
  • Trench boxes
  • Bedding boxes
  • Tap Boxes
  • Hydraulic shore equipment
  • Manhole Shields
  • Site Support
  • Slide Rail Systems
  • Frame Systems
  • Steel-frames aluminum boxes

Pacific Shoring’s focus on quality makes them one of the most dependable and well-respected manufacturing partners in the country.

The Right Solutions for Your Unique Application

Every construction project is unique. This makes it important to identify the optimal equipment for every project. After all, it is much easier and more cost-effective to customize your equipment to a project rather than the project to the equipment available.

Our experts can help you source the ideal Pacific Shoring product for your unique construction application, including:

  • Trench shoring and safety optimization
  • Unique trench sizes
  • Challenging soil conditions
  • Stabilizing machinery loading and unloading locations

Pacific Shoring Options to Fit Your Budget

Your budget and equipment requirements are likely as unique as your construction project. With that in mind, we offer the option to buy or rent Pacific Shoring equipment. We also work with several lenders to help you finance the costs of your equipment rental or purchase.

Contact us to learn more about what Pacific Shoring and U.S. Shoring & Construction Co. have to offer.

Bedding Boxes

Pacific Shoring’s standard and heavy-duty bedding boxes are designed and manufactured with high-tensile steel to assure value and durability.

Manhole Shields

Pacific Shoring manhole shields are certified by a registered professional engineer and are designed to exceed OSHA safety requirements.

Trench Shields

Pacific Shoring trench shields are certified by a registered professional engineer and are designed to exceed OSHA safety requirements.

Slide Rails

Pacific Shoring’s slide rail systems allow for either a simple pit application with four corner posts or for a more complex configuration with multiple linear posts and strut carts.

Aluminum Modular Shields

Pacific Shoring aluminum modular shields are certified by a registered professional engineer and are designed to meet OSHA safety requirements.

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