Ring-O-Matic vacuum trailers were designed to address the challenges associated with excavating existing systems.

Ring-o-matic Logo - US ShoringAccessing existing underground structures and systems without damaging them takes time and patience. Removing the dirt around pipes, electrical conduits, and other structures often can’t be accomplished without a good deal of manual digging. Not only does this delay the job, but it also can be dangerous to workers within the excavation zone. Manual removal of dirt around water pipes and power lines can also result in damage, in turn leading to costly water leaks or power outages.

Ring-O-Matic vacuum trailers were designed to address the challenges associated with excavating existing systems. These machines use air or water to break up and remove dirt around the target structure, which significantly reduces the effort and chances of damaging pipes or lines.

In addition to accessing underground structures, Ring-O-Matic vacuum trailers can also be used in cleanup efforts after construction projects, or natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. The powerful suction capabilities of these machines can be used to remove soil and sand that has been deposited during the construction process or by the high winds or flood waters commonly occurring during hurricanes.

Explore the Ring-O-Matic Line

Ring-O-Matic offers a wide variety of vacuum excavation equipment with collection tank sizes ranging from 150 to 3000 gallons with diesel engine options up to 83 horsepower. Machines can be equipped to remove dirt and debris using water or air and can be configured to meet your exacting requirements.

U.S. Shoring & Equipment can help you explore the full line of Ring-O-Matic equipment and machines. Our experts work with you to identify the best machinery for unique applications, including:

  • Hydro excavation of underground structures and utilities
  • Construction site cleanup
  • Cleanup efforts following a natural disaster
  • Trench and pit cleaning

Contact us to learn more about the features and benefits of Ring-O-Matic vacuum trailers.

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